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LARAGRID is free to use software for creating High Available Public or Private Clouds. Combining the best Open Source technologies it is reliable, easy to use and scalable. LARAGRID offers a comprehensive but user-friendly web interface and JSON API for managing your Cloud infrastructure.

High Availability

LARAGRID offers the unique ability to create High Available environments with or without the need for a Storage Area Network (SAN) or Shared Storage. It uses block-level replication techniques to ensure the redundancy of data within the Cloud. 

Live Migrations

Unrestrained by hardware or physical location you can migrate any environment to every part of the Cloud without any interruption.

Commodity Hardware

Based on your workload requirements you can use or combine almost any kind of server hardware to build or scale your Cloud.


Reasons you'll love LARAGRID

HA out of the box

Live migrations, Failovers, Node Evacuation, Easy to use, Scalable, Self-healing, Runs any guest OS, Heterogeneous cluster, Commodity hardware, Multi-master cluster, No (expensive) SAN required.

Free & unrestricted

Free to use for both personal and commercial use, Based on proven Open Source technology, No vendor lock-in, Commercial support possible.


Vertical and horizontally scalable, Built-in node statistics collection, Built-in virtual machine statistics collection, Resource planning, Customizable virtual CPU.

Fault tolerant

Self healing, Datacenter awareness, Rack awareness, Snapshots, Resource planning.

Easy to use

Easy to use Mobile friendly web interface, Documented JSON API, Built-in VNC client, Extensive Notification engine.

Storage options

Multiple storage types support (LVM, ZFS, DRBD, iSCSI), Snapshots, Storage type conversion.


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